October Surprise 2018 Great Falls Montana


George Anthony Schultz                             October 31st, 2018

Eight years ago, October of 2010, The City of Great Falls Montana opened up the earth within inches and downhill of the west border of our property. This adverse action immediately Terminated the property’s Lawful and Legal Sewer Utility Service, Public Safety-Code Compliance and HUD FHA Home Inspection Compliance and Status.

Public Safety and Code Compliance      ?           or Horror Housing   ?
The Psychological Trauma, Transcends Description
Determined clinically & legally Disabled in 1996, As a Partial Release of my Medical Records, I am disclosing that I Am POSITIVE for Hepatitis B & Hepatitis C, for a number of years. Recently The DOD admitted Fort Dix N.J. Army Recruits were Vaccinated with Trial Hepatitis Vaccines.
See that pile of 60 year Toxic Leech-field dirt ? to the right of the walking trail  ?
Satellite imaging, eye-witness in the sky TRUTH……………………… so help me Google Earth !
The Honorable Former Governor Judy Martz Honoring our Daughter Gemina Schultz


This action by the City of Great Falls Montana instantly created an open air Toxic Bio-Hazard wastewater Cesspool.

At this time filings to the Federal Government are being reviewed, as I continue to create new pathways to end our Hardship and Suffering and