XIV The Fourteenth Amendment XIV

Due Process

Equal Rights and Due Process Under The Law

George Anthony Schultz

The out of balance ‘Checks and Balances’ of Our Great Nation and Constitution, need to be addressed.

Consider participating in the ‘Course Correction’ and Reforms needed now, to address how ‘We The People’ can positively assert and apply changes that could bring the U.S.A., Government and Citizens, and the Three Branches of Government back into Balance and harmony.

A study course is available for all of us that will grant us the access to address all Government inadequacies and deficiencies we’re experiencing today, collectively and individually. Also you will sharpen all areas of brain functioning, mental acuity, clarity, Logic Reason and Common Sense. Brain cells need to be regenerated from time to time, and new neural networks connected, to provide us better choices to realize better outcomes, and an overall better quality of life.

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